Quick Cleat™


Quick Cleat™ Quickly and Easily Secures Lines and Fenders - Without Knots

Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA) – Quick Cleat™ is the fast, easy way to secure dock lines, anchor lines, mooring lines and fenders - without knots.
The unique, durable, low-profile design quickly secures a braided line in seconds. Just drop a line into the rope slot and release. Easy to install on board or on the dock.
Standard cleats currently available in three sizes: 2" nylon (max. 1/4" line); 3" (chrome, black and stainless, max. 3/8" line) and 4" (chrome, black, max. 1/2" line). Kayak cleat, two-pack (max. ¼” line). Fender clip, fits 1.25” pontoon boat square rails.


For more information about Quick Cleat, click here to visit the web site or call 1+651.283.7524.


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